Pam Udy Bio

Pam Udy is a wife and a mother of five. She is a lifetime member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As a member of ICAN’s Board of Directors since 1999, Pam has experience supporting, educating and encouraging moms, those who are seeking to avoid a cesarean, those recovering from cesarean and those who are searching a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). Pam is a personal experience expert, having had two cesareans followed by three vaginal births. She believes women have the right to divine inspiration regarding their pregnancies and births.

Publications and articles:
The Emotional Impact of Cesareans, Midwifery Today, Issue 89, Spring 2009
The Physical Impact of Cesareans, Midwifery Today, Issue 88, Winter 2008
Co-compiler of Cesarean Voices, 2007, a raw, honest look into the heartache and physical pain women deal with after a cesarean.
Elective Cesarean: A Betrayal of Trust, Midwifery Today, Issue, 63, Autumn, 2002
Legal System Organizing Against Rights of Pregnant Women, StandardNet, May 2004
Numerous ICAN eNews and Clarion Articles

Interviewed for:
Bellies to BirthCast
Hypnobabies Live Radio Show
Earth Mama Angel Baby: Interview on website:
NPR: Laura Morales: More Doctors Banning Vaginal Births after C-sections, 20 Aug 2007
NPR: Joy Cardin: 070619B, June 19, 1007
Utahns Have Fewer Choices in Birthing the Salt Lake Tribune, Dec 2004
KUOW Seattle, “The Conversation” debating former ACOG President Benson Harer Aug 2003
Quoted in numerous news articles, including:
New York Times (front page)
Denver Post:

Speaker at the upcoming Holistic LDS Living Conference, June 2010
Cesarean Panel March 2009 at the Controversies Conference
State of the Union Address September 2008 at AABC Birth Institute
The Personal Impact of Cesareans April 2008 at the REACHE Conference
Doulas Encouraging VBAC March 2008 at the Utah Doula Association Conference