Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Monthly Rotating Menu

Several ladies in my neighborhood got together for lunch the other day. Two hours later, we decided we’d like to get together monthly, but for more than lunch. We made it our goal to work on our food storage. To do my part, I’ve been researching food storage options. For me, one of the biggest questions has always been, “Do we have a year’s supply of food or not?” It is hard to look at 10 pound cans of wheat, beans and oatmeal and feel you could eat that for a year. If I really had to live off this food, how long would it last? What could I make with it? So here is my plan: I’m going to make a list of a month’s worth of meals and what it would take to make them, then rotate that menu. I found one online here, as an example and here is a blank one in excel format for you to fill in. Their whole website is great! Just think what it would mean to be able to say with confidence, “Yes, we have a year’s supply of food. Normal food, food we like to eat!” Who’s with me?

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