Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet Cake Bake Shop

I have a friend whose daughter got married last week. She told me she found this little bakery in Kaysville, whose sweets were all gluten-free. She didn’t have a clue what gluten was, but said their stuff was yummy. I’ve been dying to get to the bakery, but didn’t make it over there until my birthday.
That morning, my eight year old, asked me, “What kind of cake are you going to make yourself for your birthday?” Ack, little girl, didn’t I teach you better than that?! I’m not making my own cake.
After I went to lunch with my friend, Jo, we drove over to the Sweet Cake Bake Shop. It is right off Main Street and 200 North. It is a cute place. Not only do they have sweets ready to go, but they also have mixes to buy and make later. There is pancake and “Master Mix” for making bread. The sweets include cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and raspberry bars.
Four chocolate and two vanilla cupcakes, to go, please. The frosting is piled a mile high. The kids took one look and wanted to eat them before dinner. At first, my husband wasn’t sure he wanted one (after all, it is gluten-free) but they look so yummy, he gave in and ate his. We all did.
It was delicious to eat cake again… and know it wouldn’t hurt later.

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  1. Little things mean so much, don't they? I am glad I could be a small part of making your birthday a a happy one!