Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Woman of Substance

I am a Woman of Substance. Or at least, that is how I looked last night to a particular guy hanging out at the gas station. After work, I stopped to get an orange juice and some almonds for the drive home. I didn’t have my friend to car pool with and I needed something to get me home without falling asleep. As I stepped into my car, a guy on a bike asked me, “I see you are a Woman-of-Substance and I asking you for eighty cents so I fill my water bottle with soda.” I laughed, sighed and handed him one of the two dollars I had in my wallet. Maybe I shouldn’t have. Really, he likely didn’t need the soda, especially if he couldn’t afford it… and I laughed about the Woman-of-Substance. I am a woman who was on her way home from her part-time job she has to be able to pay for some of the things she otherwise wouldn’t be able to have or do. I am a woman who cuts and uses coupons to lower her grocery bill. I am a woman who hangs her family’s clothes out on the line to lower the electric bill. Am I a Woman-of-Substance? Well, I was driving a car, instead of riding a bike. I have a home, with running electricity and filled with food. I am lucky to have a job. I have a family. I am a Woman-of-Substance, even if I only have one $1 bill in my wallet. Indeed, I am a blessed Woman-of-Substance.

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