Friday, July 2, 2010

Holistic LDS Living Conference

I had a great time at the Holistic LDS Living Conference. There were so many classes, if you missed it, you can get classes and handouts downloads from their website. I learned much from the classes I was able to go to, but I wasn't able to go to many. I plan to look at each speaker's website to see what information I can learn there.
I believe strongly in learning from those around us. It amazes me how often I have an experience that mirrors someone else's. Or when I hear of someone going through something that happened to me earlier in life. If we don't share and learn from each other, and the only way we learn is by doing, then we will have some very painful experiences that could have been avoided by looking at the example of others.
More later on this... I promised the kids a trip to the skating rink and they are now ready to go...

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