Wednesday, July 7, 2010

See saw or Teeter totter?

When I told people we were making a see saw, they'd ask, "you mean a teeter totter?" Whether you call it a see saw or a teeter totter, we made one for the kids! I was searching online for fun things we could make ourselves this summer and found this see saw project 
The directions are good, but there are a few things I'll mention: 1. be sure to buy the lugnuts that go with the bolts (who knew?) 2. it took 3- 40# bags of concrete for us to fill the tire- this will depend on the size of your tire, but it does take a lot of concrete. 3. We got the tire free at a tire store, just by asking for it.
We painted it, which cost us an extra $20. The kids picked out the color (it was the only one of hundreds they could agree on!). With the orange color and tire, it looks like a construction zone!

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