Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chickens and more chicks

We have 12 chickens that are now over a year old. A few weeks ago, we picked up 12 more chicks. We purchased white, tan and black ones. The black ones are proud looking fluffy chicks. They are all friendly. Jane, just six years old, loves to pick them up. The new chicks are in the shed coop where the older ones were last year. The older ones are now in a A-frame coop Jay built, with plenty of room for them to roam outside. In the bottom picture, you can see the PVC pipe across the coop for the chickens to roost on at night. There is a loft there for the chickens to lay eggs in. Egg production from the year old ones has increased since the weather has gotten warmer... even if it has been rainier and cooler than usual. My teenager hasn't been able to eat every egg the day it was laid. Having chickens has been a fun step toward self-reliance. The kids seem to enjoy it too. We don't hear complaining about helping keep the chicken coop clean either--I think Jared likes eating all the eggs he can!

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