Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where is my Clarion?

I am the editor for ICAN’s newsletter, the Clarion. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that since we haven’t had an issue out since the fall. It was supposed to go out a couple of months ago. The printer decided she couldn’t handle our needs anymore. This meant calling new printers, asking questions, getting bids, applying for a new post office mailing permit and just when I thought we’d pulled it altogether the new printer drops a bombshell: they don’t want to do the layout. Yes, on the phone they said they could do it, but really, they don’t have the time. Guess what I discovered? I have Microsoft Publisher on my computer. I hadn’t ever used it before this week. Now I have many hours of experience on it. The newsletter is almost complete, just making the final edits. This is one project I will be glad to have off my hands… until the next issue. The second time doing something is usually easier than the first, I’m hoping. 
The answer to "Where is my Clarion?" "in the mail (soon, I promise)"

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