Saturday, May 8, 2010

State Convention

Jay and I spent almost the entire day in Salt Lake City at the State Democratic Party Convention. The theme was Hope not hate. We left the house at 8am, parked at the LDS conference Center and walked over to the Salt Palace. We registered as delegates and separated to go to our difference Caucus Meetings. Jay attended the Labor Caucus and I attended the Women’s Caucus. Mostly it was different candidates coming in and introducing themselves. It was interesting to learn more about each of them. The main meeting started, this included many committee reports, the keynote speaker (Congressman Steny Hoyer) and nominations of candidates. Are you surprised to learn the meeting went into overtime? We cast our votes for the only race had a voice in: Christopher Stout and Sam Granato.
Here is the link to the Utah Democratic Party
We went to lunch at Lamb’s Grill on Main Street. It is a nice, quiet place with wonderful food. It is plain torture to watch my husband eat the delicious looking bread, but when my salad with pepper chicken, I didn’t care. It was terrific!
I hope you participated in the political process, regardless of which side of the Salt Palace you were on. The candidates need more than your vote on Election Day, they need to hear from you long before then. Put signs in your yard. Offer to drive elderly to the polls on Election Day. Get involved in whatever way you can. Our country needs our involvement… badly.

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