Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ethan Stacy

It has been a week now since Ethan Stacy was first reported missing and then later found dead. This crime has hurt our community. It has broken our hearts to hear the details of Ethan’s last few days. We wonder how anyone could dig so deep to call forth every ounce of evil in themselves to do the horrible things that were done to that little cute boy.
Now the FBI has gotten involved with the case. They are analyzing and examining electronic evidence. This was spurred, in part, by Stephanie Sloop’s posting of a photo on facebook of her son, Ethan Stacy playing video games with Nathan Sloop. In this photo Ethan’s face is swollen and bruised. The caption for the photo reads, “My two favorite boys playing video games together.”
I have to wonder how a mother could post this photo… how does a mother not see the swollen, red face? How does she pretend everything is okay? How does she let a man who has beat her son sit beside him?
I look at my own kids and pray for the protection of angels for them. I pray for that protection for all the little children in our community. I pray that as mothers, we can stand up for righteousness in all situations, especially in regard to our children. May we always have the strength to protect them. May we never put out children in situations that could hurt them. If we should ever find ourselves and our children in the presence of evil, may we be able to call forth every ounce of love and strength to cast it out of our lives.

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