Friday, May 7, 2010

No TV Zone, Day Five

We are adjusting, but I allowed the kids to watch a movie (a DVD, not cable TV) when I had to be gone all morning yesterday. They are now watching another movie, as I am getting ready for work. We have four TVs. I’m seriously considering getting rid of half of them. I admit I miss my TV keeping me company. It is a good thing that I unplugged it, because there have been a few times when I’ve sat down and started looking for the remote before remembering: It is No TV week!
What did you ask? Where did I go yesterday? My son had a test he needed to take for his online school. I drove him to Salt Lake City, found the address (only had to turn around once) and dropped him off. I spent a little time at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building working on family history. I connected a few people in my family history file and requested that my new ID that came with the be merged with my old ID from the old website. This will allow me to work with the file easier. I’m excited that they have already approved the request. I’m taking little steps toward working on my family history!

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