Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy Last Week!

What an incredibly busy week. In addition to mommy chores like fixing meals, laundry, clean-up and homeschool chores like making assignments and checking work, and working my job three nights, I did the following:
On Monday, we spent 3 hours at the zoo with our friend Whitney and her son.
On Tuesday, we hosted K’Nex Club at our home (which meant clean-up!) and we went to Chess Club at the Library. Jay and I attended the Caucus. We were both voted in as precinct delegates.
On Wednesday I went Visiting Teaching. It was the opening night of The Little Princess play. Jared and Jayson did great! They haven’t done anything like this before, so it was really fun to see. Grandma Spicer, Grandma Teresa, Aunt Marilyn, Aunt Pam and Grandpa John, all came to see them perform.
On Thursday we went to our Ogden Nature Center Science Class. We ran John by the orthodontist, since he had a loose wire. We went grocery shopping, and then Jo had Girl Scouts (turned in last of cookie money. Personal damage to checking account: $84).
On Friday I cooked ten pounds of hamburger, then drowned it in five cans of Manwich sauce. I put it in a roaster to keep warm until 4:30, when it needed to be feed to the kids doing the Princess Play. The little kids and I went to the Ott Planetarium, where they have been attending a space class for the last several months. We came home, had a snack, and then went to feed dinner to The Little Princess cast. Ten pounds of hamburger feed the cast of 30 perfectly! Come home for five minutes to grab the kids and then back to watch the play.
On Saturday, I woke up to a call asking where I was. Bountiful Baskets had an order for me and if I wanted it, I needed to pick it up now. Groan. I totally forgot. And I already paid for it. So I jumped in the car and picked it up. Now our house is filled with lots of fruits and veggies. Came home, made a fruit smoothie then cleaned up. Went to Target for bridal shower gift for niece and Sam’s Club for milk and rolls -- to feed the play cast. Dropped off kids and Jay and was at the church to feed cast. Picked up kids and Jay and back to watch play. They did wonderful! Hooray, last day! I took the girls and we went to niece’s bridal shower. We got her: a laundry hamper, a hamper, detergent, hangers, and a lingerie bag. I’m exhausted!
On Sunday is church as usual, but I also had to present Sharing Time for the kids. I collected pictures that showed what Christ did the last week of His life, printed out the days of the week (with two Sundays) cut and pasted them onto construction paper and covered the pictures with them. We discussed the Holy Week, with only a few tears from me... I’ll post the timeline and scriptures for you. Jay and I also went to a “Get out of Debt” class offered by our church Sunday night. I’ll post details from that for you as well.
It’s Monday and I’ve started spring cleaning. I started with the laundry room. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t mind if things are totally picked up and exactly in place, IF the inside of drawers and cupboards are straightened and IF I can find what I’m looking for. That hasn’t been the case lately. The laundry room was a good place to start, since we were so busy last week, both the clean and the dirty are piled up. I’ll take and post pictures. I guess I’ll go do that before I forget.
Hugs, The Personal Experience Expert

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