Saturday, March 20, 2010

Proud Owner of a Ruger 380

Got my gun today. Shot my gun today. Bled today. Okay, yes, there is more to the story. We picked up the raspberry Ruger 380. I was rather excited about it. It was interesting (scary?!) how easy it was to pick out a gun, pay for it (and a background check) and walk out of the store with a gun and enough ammunition to do some serious damage. Of course, I’m not planning on doing any damage to anyone other than the guy printed on my target page. In the end, though, it was me who was bleeding. I shot six rounds, which (I’m proud to say) I loaded myself. I kept changing hand positions, trying to get a good feel for the gun (and accurate shots). The last shot, I stuck my thumb up behind the action, which slid back and cut me in two places. My first thought was that my fingernail had been ripped off. I quickly realized that it was the top of my thumb that was dripping blood all down my hand. My husband was just staring at me. His first thought was that I had broken a finger nail. He started to tease me, then he saw the blood. Bummer. After waiting more than 30 minutes for a lane at the range and paying $10, I shot six rounds, bloodied up my thumb and then left. The guy was nice enough to give me a Band-Aid and some Neosporin, but not nice enough to credit us with a lane for the next time we came. I do plan on shooting enough to be accurate and good at it. I did rather well today. Two straight on chest shots, one just to the right of those, two in the jugular vein, and one through the liver. Since neither my husband nor the guy behind the counter, who gave me advice on shooting after I checked “never shot a handgun before” on the intake form, thought to tell me to keep my thumb clear of the action, I need to read the manual. I guess I’ll go do that before I forget.
Hugs, The Personal Experience Expert

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