Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ever wonder?

Ever wonder what difference you can make? I woke up early to listen to Day 3 of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Conference on Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). I recognized a number of the women who stood up to make a point and ask a question. They are beautiful, articulate, strong women and moms who are doing what they can to change the VBAC climate. I’m cautiously hopeful that if we take the evidence report and run with it, we might be able to make a difference.

Ever wonder what you forgot? Today has been one of those days for me. After listening to conference, I made a yummy fruit smoothie for breakfast. It was then I remembered I should have called Jessica. Jessica is an awesome woman who teaches True North for teens in our area. Right now they are getting ready for their yearly play. A major problem presented itself yesterday, when the church venue had scheduling issues. The dates have been changed slightly and she needed to be sure my two teens could still participate. They can and it will be fun! I called her.

Ever wonder who writes those readers for young kids? I really had to wonder as I listened to my kids read to me today during our homeschool. One of the books was on dinosaurs. I’ve never been into dinosaurs. They are dead and they have long, weird names, which I can hardly say and which I wouldn’t expect my young kids to know.

Ever wonder if your kids will be okay? After lunch, I took my eleven year old to the orthodontist for spacers between his teeth. Next week, he will get his braces on. Poor kid wasn’t happy at all. I hope he does okay with them.

Ever wonder if you are buying the right thing? Challenge one: We stopped by The Bike Shoppe to get a patch kit, extra tubes and a pump for my teens who are going to Zions National Park this weekend on a bike trip with the Boy Scouts. I hope it is what they need. Challenge two: getting snacks and drinks for the weekend off the list you hope you remember correctly, since your teens texted their list to you, but you are on a phone call with a friend and don’t know how to access your texts without hanging up on her. No complaints when I got home, so I guess I did okay.

Ever wonder what you opened up your laptop to do? I sat down to do something, I’m sure of it… but I hope it wasn’t urgent, because I can’t remember… oh! I was supposed to schedule my massage. I guess I’ll go do that before I forget… again.

Hugs, The Personal Experience Expert


  1. You are too cute Pam! I have a bad memory as well. I hope you enjoy your massage :)

  2. Thanks, Whitney! I scheduled it for Monday. I'll post about it then. Hugs~